Ice Cream Ball

Ice Cream Ball

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If you struggle to get your kids to do anything other than playing video games all day, especially in the summer, you will love the Ice Cream Ball!

Reward your kids to motivate and inspire them!

Rewards give your kids positive reinforcement for good behavior and encourage them to complete tasks.

Ice cream...What a reward!!

Push your kids to do some physical activity before they can enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream and you can join them and have fun too.

The Ice Cream Ball is a ball and a manual ice cream maker at the same time, this means that it doesn't need electricity, just constantly movement for 25 minutes and the end product is a delicious ice cream made by yourself.

This awesome Ice Cream Ball also helps kids to understand the properties of movement, freezing, and basic science principles all while making ice cream.

Combines fun, physical activity, science and ice cream. How cool is that!!

• Make ice cream by rolling, shaking and moving the ball
• Ready in approximately 25 minutes
• Makes 1 pint of ice cream at the time

It also adds some fun to just about any outdoor event such as birthday parties, barbecues, picnics or camping trips.

Make ice cream in 4 simple steps:

1 Add cream, sugar, and vanilla in one end of the Ball 
2 Add ice and rock salt in the other end
3 Shake, roll and play with it for 25 minutes
4 Enjoy!

Built-in handles make opening the ends easy, just flip back the handle to unlock. Wide and shallow canister makes it easy to stir ingredients and scoop out ice cream.

A recipe booklet is included to spark your imagination.

• Food-safe
• BPA-free 
• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• Recipe booklet included
• Dimensions: 8.5" / 21cm diameter 
• Shipping takes from 5 to 10 days

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