More Bacteria in your Kitchen Sponge than a Toilet Seat

It sounds gross but studies have shown that in some cases a kitchen sponge has more bacteria than your toilet seat…

While kitchen sponges are generally cleaning tools, they can also be a microscopic world packed with countless bacteria.

According to a new study from the journal Scientific Reports, kitchen sponges are moisture absorbent in nature, making them not only effective tools to wash dishes but also the perfect home for different types of bacteria.

There can be spots on your kitchen sponge with just as high concentrations of bacteria as in a toilet.

A group of microbiologists at the University of Furtwangen in Germany, found 362 different species of bacteria living within a kitchen sponge.

Furthermore, the researchers were astonished to discover how densely microbes occupied such small space: About 82 billion microscopic organisms were living in only a cubic inch of space.

A bunch of harmful bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus, could be hiding in dirty sponges.

These bacteria are known to cause food poisoning, diarrhea, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, and cholera.

Washing your sponge will not make anything better…

Some people think that washing your kitchen sponge with hot soaped water, boiling it or even put it in the microwave will kill all the bacteria but that’s not necessarily true.

"Some people may think that microwaving a sponge kills its tiny residents, but they are only partly right," The New York Times put it "It may nuke the weak ones, but the strongest, smelliest and potentially pathogenic bacteria will survive."

While throwing away your sponge and replace it with a new one every single week is recommended, it might not be the best option for your budget and we can easily forget for how long we have been using our sponge.

Don’t Worry we have found a solution for this problem…

 We have brought a new invention to the kitchen!

The magic sponge

A normal kitchen sponge creates a perfect environment for the bacteria because it stays humid for several hours after using it or even days… The Magic Sponge solves this huge problem.

It’s mildew-resistant and made from high-quality silicone so it dries much faster!  

It doesn’t host bacteria that could be harmful to your family's health.

It’s super easy to clean, it has thick and soft bristles that make easy to reach the corners of glasses, cups, pots etc. You can use it not only to clean the dishes but also to wash fruit and vegetables.

It will be good as new when it gets clean and dry, and it can easily be popped in the dishwasher

Many people are replacing their old kitchen sponges with the magic sponge and starting to see its great benefits:

“it's the first time that I try this kind of sponge and I like it! they're very hygienic and clean.”  

“Cleans dirt very good and dries really fast”

“Super happy! beautiful soft, thick and flexible!”

Where can you get the Magic Sponge?

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