Kitchen Design Trends that will Dominate in 2018

We are already in the third week of the new year and most of us are thinking of ways to make bigger or smaller adjustments in different aspects of our lives. Some of you might be considering remodeling the house, including your kitchen. Maybe you’ve decided to tear it out and rebuild completely, and maybe you just wanted to give it a refreshing new look. In any case, you’ve come to the right place! We carefully picked out some of the best kitchen design trends that are most likely to take over in 2018. Since they’re all pretty amazing, we hope you won’t have trouble finding something that fits your needs.

Dark hardwood floors

Wooden floors are a big hit this year. Especially if you have light walls and cabinets, selecting a darker color for the floor will add a bit of warmth and variety to the kitchen.

Dark wood floor kitchen

Can’t go wrong with gray

Combine gray tones with any color and your kitchen will always look trendy. One of the great ways to achieve this is by using two-tone cabinets. Don’t settle for the plain, boring ones.

Color of the year

Dramatic violet color is quickly becoming the biggest craze in home and kitchen design. It is bold, and it adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your cooking space. Some other strong colors you can experiment with this year are black, navy and emerald green.

Personalized tiles

An alternative to a hardwood floor are statement floor tiles. They can create a big difference by making the room more fun and “alive”. There are some manufacturers that allow you the option of designing the tiles yourself. This way you can express your creativity and use it to embellish your home.

Black appliances

Silvery metal can look quite good in a small kitchen, but when it comes to bigger spaces, a lot of metal can easily overshadow everything else in the room. An easy way to deal with this is by using black refrigerators, stoves and microwaves. Many appliance manufacturers now offer them in this color too.

Dramatic marble countertops

For the brave ones who want a drastic change, this is the perfect choice. High-contrast marble will make the room more intense and definitely memorable!

Materials with texture

If you are using open shelving, try adding natural elements such as rough-cut wood, or you can use tubing for a more industrial style. Floor tiles in a natural stone are also a great way to achieve that beautiful rustic kitchen design.

Kitchen remodeling

Induction cooktops

Induction cooking has so many advantages. Apart from the visual and space usage benefits, it is easy to clean, it puts less waste heat into the kitchen, and it’s much safer than regular gas stoves.

Open plan designs

Open kitchen layouts are becoming more and more popular and fastly replacing those with a lot of walls and isolated space. The idea is to make your kitchen appear wider and brighter while encouraging a casual yet connected lifestyle.

Less upper cabinets

You can make your kitchen look more spacious and clear by avoiding the upper cabinets. Use open shelving instead! This is an addition to the open layouts style. Minimalism is still not going out of fashion, so there’s no way you can go wrong with it!

Upgraded kitchen islands

Kitchen islands used to be something small only meant to fill the empty area in the room and serve as a decoration. However, lately they’ve become main parts of the kitchen and one of the most important segments of the kitchen design. Kitchen islands are now much bigger and they’re also multi-functional. 2018 will bring more adjustments to them such as innovative storage solutions and under-counter appliances.

Large sinks

Big sinks are very practical as they allow you to simultaneously place large pots, pans and other kitchen tools that are meant to be hand washed.

Kitchen Sink

Undercounter appliances

With wall cabinets removed, storage and appliances are moving underneath the counter area. Small appliances have been transformed to improve accessibility. One example are innovative microwave drawers that are conveniently loaded from the top.

Pet-friendly area

Latest trends will not only affect humans, but animals as well! In 2018 we will see some new ways to create a pet-friendly space in the kitchen. One great idea is a feeding station at the end of a cabinet run or in one of the corners. Here you can also set up the cabinet with pet food, toys and anything else pet-related.

Smart Kitchen

Technology has overtaken the kitchen and not only in the form of appliances and gadgets. Rapidly developing technology has made cooking a whole lot easier. The main goal of the smart kitchen is to save you time and energy by simplifying every possible function and activity. Some of the examples are:

  • touchless kitchen faucets that are activated by placing your hands underneath
  • refrigerators notifying you when your groceries are running low
  • coffee maker that has your coffee ready as soon as you wake up
  • see-through toaster that allows you to make the perfect toast
  • slow cooker you can command with using your smartphone
  • lighting system which enables you to control the lights from your smartphone or tablet
  • and many more

Kitchens that are completely technologically supported are becoming one of the biggest trends this year.

Aren’t you excited to start remodeling?

Kitchen will never again be the ‘less important room’ used just for meal preparation! 2018 will introduce us to some amazing solutions that are coming to stay. Whether it’s because of the open layout, the bold vivid colors, or the advanced technology, getting a new kitchen design has never been so tempting.

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