Kitchen Decoration on a Budget

Kitchen decor

Few weeks ago we talked about some smart ideas to organize your kitchen in the best possible way. Today, we are going to focus on the more fun and creative part: kitchen decoration. Since this room is used quite often, why not make it look warm and pleasant? Even if you don’t like to cook, we can guarantee that your cooking time will become far more enjoyable with these simple tips! The best part is that most of them are DIY projects that you can finish in just a few hours and they don’t require a lot of money.

1 Creative wall decor

Plain white walls are simply no fun. You can go and just buy something to hang on the wall, but a DIY project is a much more interesting and cheap option. You can use a cool frame and put almost anything in it. For example, you can frame a scarf with a nice design, and you can do the same with any other material. Another advice is to make a colorful painting on a canvas and then put a tape in a pattern over it. Just paint the rest with white and remove the tape. As a result, you will get a creative wall decor.

Pencils are another great way to bring your kitchen to life. You will need a stack of new pencils in different colors. Stack them in a frame and hang them on the wall.

If you have wooden pallets, you can paint lovely inspirational quotes on a piece of a wooden board to add a bit of entertainment to your cooking zone.

2 Coffee bar

For all those coffee-lovers out there, this is a must-have! You can create a space where you’ll keep everything coffee-related. This is practical, and it will look like you have a little coffee bar in your kitchen. You can even put a sign on it to make it more interesting.

3 Faux marble

You can make your counter area look nice and classy with marble self-adhesive paper. Just measure how much paper you need to cover the top and the front edge of the counter and cut it out. After removing some of the paper backings, make sure you slowly and carefully press the paper down the top of the counter to get rid of any bubbles that may appear along the way.

4 Mason jars

Mason jars are always a good kitchen decoration idea. Just paint them in some happy colors, add a few fun details and you can use them for almost anything: as a flower vase, for wooden spoons and cutlery, as a tissue holder or a candle holder.

Kitchen decor jar

5 Plants

Plants make the space more “alive”. Apart from producing oxygen, they bring a nice decorative touch to the room. You can invest some time in making unique flower pots that match your kitchen style, and them fill them with some beautiful plants. You can hang them on the wall, place them on shelves, or simply use them as a table centerpiece.

Kitchen decor plants

6 Paint your mugs

If you own a couple of white, plain mugs that are always sitting in the back of the cabinet because everyone’s avoiding them, maybe you should consider giving them a new design no one will overlook. This will require different size brushes and some porcelain paint. If you use this kind of paint you won’t have to bake the mugs in the oven afterward, just let them dry naturally. In other cases, there are some instructions you need to follow in order to set the paint.

7 Weekly menu board

Apart from being very useful, this weekly menu board will be an amazing addition to your kitchen decoration. You will need: a picture frame with glass front, some patterned scrapbook paper (or in plain color, depending on your preferences) and some dry-erase markers. If you get tired of the color or the pattern, just change the paper and you have a completely different board.

8 Colorful kitchen utensils

Give those simple wooden spoons a transformation by dying the handles in vibrant colors that match your kitchen. This is very easy to do and it takes a short amount of time. You can even turn it into a great entertainment for kids. You will need some acrylic paint, a brush, and some tape to protect the areas you don’t want to color.

9 Give your old fridge a makeover

Turn your plain, boring fridge into a fun piece of art that will catch everyone’s attention. The easiest and the most inexpensive way to do this is with simple duct tape. Just choose a color you like and tape it over, creating a stripped pattern. Measuring in between the stripes isn’t necessary and it will save you a lot of time if you just eyeball it - you won’t even notice that they’re not all even. This will definitely transform your kitchen giving it a modern, chic look.

10 Cool dish soap dispenser

This is probably the last thing that would come to your mind, but it can make a lot of difference when it comes to the kitchen aesthetics. Store-bought manufacturer’s soap bottles are not very fancy. Once again, mason jars can come in handy, but there are other things you can use - an empty bottle of wine or olive oil, for example. You will need some glass etching cream, a stencil and a bottle pourer to complete the soap dispenser. Use your stencil in the location you want to etch the glass and leave the area you want etched unprotected. Keep the cream on for about 30 minutes. After, just gently wash the cream off with cool water and remove the stencil. Finish with adding a bottle pourer and your soap dispenser is ready to use.

We hope we inspired you

With these simple DIY projects you will not only save money, but also develop a sense of creativity. You’ll also have a feeling of satisfaction since you’ll be able to see the benefits of work you put into the kitchen decoration. As a result, you’ll end up with a warm, charming space that will make each family member happy.

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