Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

With holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, comes the never-ending struggle: how to find a perfect gift for each friend and family member. There are just too many options and sometimes it’s really hard to appeal to everyone’s taste. It is also possible you’ve simply ran out of ideas after years and years of shopping for the same group of people. In any case, we gathered here a list of our most interesting and useful products to help you choose the best present for each generation. The items are quite affordable and, as the year is coming to an end, most of them are even on sale.

For kids

We all know kids love to play more than anything. They like things that catch their attention and this product will do that for sure. With a Build-On Brick Mug kids can enjoy play-time while drinking tea or milk. It is made of non-toxic plastic and it comes with bricks and additional accessories to complete the experience. This way, your children can have fun while expressing their creativity in a completely unique way. Even though it might sound like this mug is only for kids, that’s certainly not the case: why not add some entertainment to your morning coffee ritual?

Build-On Brick Mug

Girls might not be too impressed with building a plastic mug, but no young lady will ever refuse to drink her tea from this beautiful Unicorn Mug! Dreamy design and fun rainbow colors are a dream come true for every little princess living in her own fairytale. The mug is made of fine ceramics and it is hand painted, which makes it even more original.  

Unicorn Mug

For a teenager or a geeky friend

The Gamer Mug will impress every boy obsessed with playing computer games - and we know most of them are - but also for adults, young at heart, who just can’t seem to stay away from their screens. This mug is a unique and totally cool gift that will definitely be something your kid will brag about to his friends. It also has a ‘GAME OVER’ sign printed on the inside at the bottom as a witty reminder to get a refill.

The Gamer Mug

For your mom

Tired of buying your mom expensive cosmetics every year? Why not go with the natural alternative? It’s widely familiar that plants contain antioxidants which can help the skin in many ways, while slowing the aging process. Fruit Mask Machine is a great gift for anyone who prefers treating their skin with organic products. It saves a ton of money and you always know exactly which ingredients you’re putting on your face. This machine produces a mask in a matter of seconds and the best part - there is no mess to clean up afterwards.

Fruit Mask Machine

For your dad

Jack Daniels Flask Gift Box adds a touch of elegant and classy. It’s made of stainless steel and therefore is guaranteed to last for years! It comes with two shot glasses and a funnel for the full experience. This flask can be useful when hiking, hunting or travelling. Any man that enjoys a casual sip of a good liquor will be a proud owner of this exquisite product.

Jack Daniels Flask Gift Box

For the classy friend

Those who agree that “wine is bottled poetry” will definitely not be disappointed with these amazing wine-related gifts. This holiday season surprise them with a fancy Red Wine iPhone Case. We’re talking about a transparent case with a 3D wine glass on the back which is filled with red liquid to look like a real drink. No true wine admirer should be without one! There are cases available for models from iPhone 5C to iPhone 7 plus. If you’d like another gift for your wine enthusiast. 

Red Wine iPhone Case

Add this Combination Lock Wine Stopper to your cart. What a better way to protect your own expensive bottle of wine than with a combination lock? This smart and funny present will surely amaze your friend or colleague. They won’t have to worry about someone else taking sips from their bottle ever again!

Combination Lock Wine Stopper

For the health and fitness ‘freak’

Everyone has at least one friend that eats super-healthy all the time and spends hours in the gym each day. The Dumbbell Water Bottle makes an amazing exercising prop while also helping you stay hydrated. It comes in multiple colors and looks like a real thing. This unique water bottle is extremely useful, and it certainly draws the attention. You can take it to the local park and work on your muscles without bringing actual dumbbells with you.

Dumbbell Water Bottle

Exercise is important, but we can’t forget about the healthy nutrition. With this Portable & Rechargeable Blender a vitamin-rich smoothie can be made whenever and wherever: at school, work, hikings, camping trips and so on. It’s easy to clean and more importantly easy to charge using a power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phone or another USB device. With this product there will be no more acceptable excuses for eating fast food!

Portable & Rechargeable Blender

For a true beer lover

This Ring Bottle Opener is a perfect gift for someone who can’t function without a beer in his hand, and let’s be honest - we can all think of at least one person. Your beloved beer addict will never again have to carry around a classic bottle opener. This ring is incredibly practical and it’s also a nice accessory everyone will admire at house parties and gatherings. It’s made of stainless steel, so it doesn’t get damaged with time.

This Ring Bottle Opener

What’s in your shopping cart?

After seeing all these fun and innovative products, we’re sure you won’t leave “empty handed”. There are many more choices available on our website, so in case you haven’t found anything you like make sure you check those out as well. We hope you’ll have a wonderful time this holiday season and that you’ll bring smiles to many faces by giving love and of course - presents!

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