8 Kitchen Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2018

With the New Year come new resolutions, and one of them may as well be about making your life more convenient. There are numerous kitchen tools that help you save time and energy while preparing your favorite meals, snacks and treats. Apart from the standard ones you use on a daily basis, there are many more you probably haven’t even heard about! Today we are presenting some of our most convenient and practical gadgets that will pleasantly surprise you. We are sure you won’t be disappointed and soon you’ll be asking yourself how you could ever live without them.

Kiwi Peeler

Kiwi Peeler

Most of us enjoy delicious healthy smoothies made of exotic fruit. But when we think about the whole preparation process, all the peeling and the cutting, we’re just not in the mood anymore. Kiwi peeling can be a real nightmare until you have this revolutionary product! The 2-in-1 kiwi peeler will do the work, without any trouble, in just a few seconds. The procedure is simple: cut the kiwi in half with a small plastic knife, push the peeler in and twist it. As a result, you will get 4 equally cut pieces on each half. Peeling this exotic fruit with a regular knife can be quite a challenge: it’s messy, takes a lot of time and you’re often wasting half of the kiwi.

Flexible Pan Strainer

Flexible Strainer

Regular strainers take up a lot of space, food sticks to them all the time, and washing is a struggle. Not to mention that food tends to slip out and you end up losing a part of your lunch! Well, there is a solution for all these problems. With a flexible pan strainer, you can strain water, oil or grease from your food fast and easy! Just stretch it onto your pot, pan or a bowl and lock it on. After straining, rinse it out and put it away, it’s even dishwasher safe! You can store it without any effort since it barely takes up any space. This strainer is adjustable, so you can use it on dishes 9.5-inches to 12-inches wide.

Flippin' Pancake Maker

Pancake Maker

Making pancakes can be messy and a bit tiring; all the flipping and trying to make equal round shapes takes some dedication! This pancake maker will soon become one of your favorite kitchen tools. It will turn a time-consuming process into a fun and effortless activity, even for the kids. With the non-stick silicone ring you won’t need a spatula! Fill the pancake holes, and after a while flip the ring to get the other side as well. It’s as simple as it gets! The cleaning process is no trouble, and you can put it in a dishwasher too. The best part is that this pancake maker is not for pancakes only! You can use it for other things such as eggs and hash browns.

Silicone Stretchable Bowl Covers

Silicon Cover

Storing your food will no longer be a challenge. These Silicone Stretchable Bowl Covers can be applied to any bowl or container and easily preserve your leftovers. In a package you get four pieces: one small, two medium and one large to fit any of your containers. These amazing soft silicon wraps are food-safe, leak-proof and heat-resistant so you can even put them in a microwave when heating up the food. Don’t waste any more money on the one-time-use aluminium foil or plastic wrap!

One-piece Cake Slicer

Cake Slicer

Let’s admit it: we all love cake, but what we don’t love is cutting it. And the worst part: we end up with uneven slices and a whole lot of mess! However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you have a One-piece Cake Slicer. This plastic, child friendly tool will make slicing a lot less complicated. Unlike many other kitchen tools, this one can be used by kids without the risk of them getting hurt. It can cut through bread and cake without any effort and as a result you will have flawlessly shaped, equal slices ready to be served!

Teflon Non-stick Pan Mat

Teflon Mat

Make use of your old used-up pans with a Teflon Non-stick Pan Mat. With this mat, food will no longer be sticking to the bottom. All you need to do is place the mat and start cooking, it’s as easy as that! Good thing is you don’t need to throw it away after the first use, since it can be used more than one time. This Teflon Mat is made of non-toxic material, it can be cut in a desired shape to fit any pan. It is also dishwasher safe.

Automatic Hands Free Stirrer

Automatic Stirrer

Nobody likes stirring for hours. This Automatic Hands-Free Stirrer will liberate you from the most boring part of cooking. It’s waterproof and it has three legs with silicone feet, so it leaves no scratches on your pans. There are different speeds available, it’s battery powered, and it can stir up to 4 hours! You will have time to focus on other parts of the meal preparation while this helpful gadget does its work.

Onion Holder Slicer

Onion Slicer

Cutting onions evenly is definitely not an easy job and no one likes the strong smell on their hands afterwards. However, there is a perfect solution: Onion Holder Slicer! Its long, stainless steel prongs serve as a guide for cutting the onion in equal pieces, and its plastic handle helps you easily secure the onion without having to touch it with your hands. Since it speeds up the whole process, you won’t even get to the crying point! Isn’t this a real game changer?

Make your life easier today

We shared with you some of the most practical gadgets that will surely save you a lot of time and effort. With these amazing kitchen tools, cooking will become a blast. Make it a New Year's decision to simplify your life in every area, including food preparation. Cooking doesn’t have to be a nightmare; with the right props it can become simple and entertaining!

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