5 Fun Snacks For Kids This Summer

With the long-anticipated summer vacation, all mums out there must be wondering already how to get their kids to eat their meals when all they really want is to play and have fun.

We have brought your food right to their playground with toy shaped molds that you can fill with three simple ingredients no kitchen at home ever runs out of:

1) Peanut Butter and Banana Building Bricks!

As delicious as it sounds this 15 mins recipe doesn’t only save your time and effort, but it gives you the chance to bond and have fun yourself too while preparing it with your children.

Engaging kids in meal preps was never easier than it is now.

Try it yourself:

Start by mixing bananas with peanut butter preferably using a blender for a smoother consistency, but even mashing the ingredients together with a fork shall do. The riper the bananas the sweeter they are, but for the added benefits of honey, it is preferable to add some to your mixture, and too much of something so good can’t go wrong!

Bananas are famously known for their high nutritive value being rich in potassium, a mineral known to regulate body fluids shall do the trick for long summer hot days, with a slow release of energy, it makes a child’s best friend for active days. Peanut butter is a boost of energy that goes hand in hand with honey.

Once your smooth mixture is ready, the trick here is to present it in an interestingly edible way, I’ve recently come across these brick molds which are both heat and cold resistant, it gave me a lot of flexibility as to whether I want to bake or freeze my dough, but in our case we will go for the refreshing freezer crisp.

2) Make ice cream by rolling a ball:


While looking up ice-breaking activities for children meeting up for the first time I have literally discovered a genuine bonding invention except that it works by ice-making! I got more excited about the idea of making ice-cream without using a freezer.

Which comes in handy if you don’t have one, and about the fact that this ice-cream ball requires of your kids to keep playing with it for around 25 mins and have their favorite flavor ready for a reward! Without too much babbling about it, let’s get right away to indulging our senses with this mix of flavors:

Mix a generous amount of sweetened condensed milk and whipping cream with a handful of assorted nuts that kids otherwise wouldn’t eat, so hide some in your recipe.

Add two tablespoons of vanilla syrup and some chopped fruits of your choice for an extra bonus of vitamins, and in the other side of the ball, put your frozen ice cubes and a sprinkle of salt. Roll the ball on the ground, and after a round of joyful playing, your ice-cream will be ready!

3) Gummy Bears with ingredients you trust! No more artificial coloring

I’ve always found it hard to refuse to buy gummy bears for my kids, especially that I find them irresistible myself, so I attempted making them myself at home, and it was easier than expected.

All it takes is to add an unflavoured gelatin pack to 1/3 cup of water on a saucepan and wait till completely dissolved, then add pieces of chopped fruits and white sugar and continue stirring. Add more gelatin if you need a gummier consistency. Once gummy enough pour into molds till it hardens.

4) The perfect one- ingredient recipe for summer!

Who doesn’t like this mouth-watering juicy gift of nature! Vibrant in color and rich in antioxidants, watermelons made it to the top of the list of Go-To summer fruits. This fat-free rehydrating summer snack keeps our bodies optimally functioning.

The fiber element of watermelons eases digestion and soothes body inflammation, hurdles that come with the summer pack, but watermelons got our backs. It’s the best treat you can give to your kids on a long day at the club, and as all mothers.

I also struggled to find fresh melons not pre-packed, but I could not slice it easily. That stainless steel slicer came in so handy and it was a life saver! Watermelons taste much crunchier and happier when freshly served!

5) Trick or Treat Apple juice:

Serving kids knocking your doors on Halloween with a creative treat that feeds their curious bug can sometimes get tricky! Sweets are always too cute to match the theme of the day, but I have come across a game changer.

Recently been looking up some genuine ice-cube molds and came across this skull shaped set with a tray. It serves an added thrill to your chilly cold drink. I have been using it with transparent juices to give my skulls the best chance to be seen through the glass.

Apples were the fruit of choice for their irresistible strong flavor and mysterious transparent champagne color hiding all the vitamins and minerals it has inside.

Simply start by peeling off around 18 apples and coring out the seeds. Add the apples to a pan and cover with water just enough to cover the pieces without being too much as to dilute the juice.

 Boil for around 20-25 minutes or until apples are soft.

Place a piece of cheesecloth over a fine mesh strainer over an empty bowl,  then slowly add the softened apple mixture and start mashing gently to extract all the juice into the bowl below, repeat to extract all juice.

Taste the extract after it has cooled down and add sugar and cinnamon as preferred, if it tastes too strong, you can dilute with little water at a time. Homemade apple juice has no preservatives, so make sure to enjoy within one week and keep in the refrigerator.

The apple mush you collected can easily be turned into applesauce by pureeing and adding a smidgen of sugar and cinnamon to taste.

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