5 Eco-Friendly Cups to Help Save the Planet

Consensus is gathering among consumers: it's time to cut down on plastic. Every year, according to oceanplastics.org, 8 million tonnes of plastic are needlessly dumped into our oceans. Moreover, over 90% of seabirds have been found to have pieces of plastic in their stomachs.

The worst culprits here are 'single use plastics': i.e. plastic items that we buy, use once, then throw away. Examples of single use plastics include plastic cutlery, plastic straws and of course, plastic water bottles and coffee cup lids.

Coffee cup lids, of the kind you are presented with at the coffee shop whenever you order that latte on your commute, are particularly pernicious because they are not widely recyclable: we have no choice but to throw them away.

Coming in a wide range of inspiring designs, these washable vessels can be used again and again.

Swap them for single use coffee cups and cold drinks bottles and you will be amazed at how much rubbish you cut down on.

You won't be adding plastic needlessly to the ocean as you sip that delicious frothy caramel macchiato or treat yourself to a hot chocolate with whipped cream after work.

Fortunately, here are 5 eco friendly cups to help you with that!

1. Dumbbell Water Bottles

Water is necessary for a healthy workout, and many gym goers love to take a swig of protein shake or energy drink too as they rest between sessions. Do this in style with our reusable dumbbell shaped water bottles! Coming in plenty of different colors, these bottles look exactly like 50 lb dumbbells. So, they won't look out of place amid all of your training equipment.

2. The Bullet Thermos

Does caffeine make you razor sharp and quick off the mark? Is it the silver bullet that gets rid of all of your tiredness once and for all? Though it looks like a giant bullet, this gleaming thermos is crafted from food grade stainless steel and other food grade materials. Unscrew the lid, fill it with your favorite hot drink, and keep that beverage nice and hot for hours on end.

This thermos is wonderful slim in its design, too, so it will fit easily into a rucksack as you travel. Most probably, though, will want to keep it in your hand, so that everyone you pass can admire its unique design to the full!

3. Majestic Goat Horn Mug

Do you miss the days when warriors drank mead from the horns of goats, strapping those horns securely to their bodies with a classic leather strap? Now you can recreate those days of yore with this stylish food grade stainless steel carry cup – designed to look just like a goat horn flagon of strong mead. You can, of course, simply fill it with coffee or orange juice if you prefer.

This mug comes in black or white and tan so you can pick the color that best fits in with your style – or your cosplay outfit for the day! Hold the mug in place with the leather strap (sold with the mug as part of the whole package) and use the simple flip mechanism to open and close the drinking spout with a single finger – perfect for striding towards your Viking enemies on the battlefield.

4. Collapsible Mug

Sometimes, space really is at a premium in your briefcase. Or, perhaps you are going camping or passing through an airport and really do not have enough room in your luggage for a whole full sized mug.

Still want to care for the planet? Our cute and chic collapsible mug is the answer. It squashes down to a mere fraction of the size of a regular mug, but once expanded outward again, it has plenty of space for that tall latte or medium cappuccino.

As it is made from food grade silicone, it is easy to wash in the dishwasher or by hand, has great insulating properties, and won't endow your drinks with any of that 'rubbery' taste that you might get with lesser quality materials. So convenient!

5. Won't Fall Over Mug

Are you often spilling things? Don't worry – we have just the mug for you!

This mug stands tall no matter how much you knock it about, and it is lovely and narrow in its shape, too, so great for tucking into your bag during the working day. Its state of the art insulating properties mean that it will keep your hot beverage hot for up to 4 hours (ideal for slowly sipping that Americano at your desk throughout the afternoon), and your cold drinks ice cold for up to 12 hours (great for long hiking trips).

A real winner – and a great party piece: wow your friends as you tip this cup over through 360 degrees without spilling a thing.

The tide is turning, with more and more people on the streets choosing to flaunt their keep cups rather than drinking from single use cups scrawled with their misspelled name and syrup preferences in a barista's eager hand. Get ahead of the trend and turn heads with one of our cool mugs!

There are lots more items to discover in our drinkware collection, so dive right in and check out the full range.

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