Fun Weekend Ways For Getting Kids Into Cooking

Teaching your children to cook is a fantastic way to spend time with them.

It's creative and practical too! In addition, your kids will enjoy showing off what they have made – and eating it of course.

Cooking with your children has many other benefits. For instance, it helps to set them on the road of being self sufficient teens, able to fix their own lunch or bake birthday cakes for friends if they so desire.

It also enables them to learn about key issues such as food safety – for example, keeping the kitchen free from bacteria, storing food correctly, and heating it up properly  - all skills that will be very useful throughout their lives.

What is more, a recent study reported in Science Daily, showed that kids who learn how to cook will eat more healthily. Statistically, the study indicated, they are 10% more likely to opt for healthy food than kids who aren't learning to cook. This is because part of learning to cook is learning about nutrition alongside taste.


Ready to endow your children with an amazing skillset, create delectable meals together, and have a whole lot of fun into the bargain?

Here are some tips for you to get even the most reluctant kids interested in cooking.


  1. Cake decorating – a fabulous party activity.


Get your kids in the party mood by decorating cupcakes with colorful icing.

If you grab some little dolls, or princess style party toppers, you can plunge them into your cupcakes and then ice around them with these Princess Dress Cake Decorating Nozzles .

Select the right color of icing for each princess and then use the nozzle to create a huge fluffy meringue style dress.

These show stopping cupcake decorations are so easy to make – your kids will feel so proud!


  1. Exciting eggs for breakfast.



Eggs are a great breakfast food as they are high in protein, low in cholesterol and nice and filling too.

Eggs also contain lots of Vitamin E (which is good for the skin) and a healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids too (around 35-40 mg per egg on average). But how do you get your children to eat up their eggs?

Try this exciting rabbit shaped egg mould.

Position your eggs so that the yolks form the rabbit's eyes and the whites form its cute face.

Fry eggs in some light oil as desired, or alternatively poach them in boiling water.

The result is a cute breakfast option that goes wonderfully well with everything from waffles to muffins.


  1. Simple yet delicious waffles.



Speaking of waffles, we have got another wonderful idea for you.

Waffles are one of the easiest and most satisfying foods to teach your kids to make, and as they can be made either sweet or savory you have so many wonderful options to choose from.

With our silicone waffle maker molds, you will find that cleaning the mold after cooking is extremely quick and simple – no more hours of scrubbing at that waffle pan or grill.

Waffle batter can be bought pre mixed if you prefer, but you can also make very easy staple waffle batters from scratch with storecupboard ingredients: an egg (or egg substitute), some all purpose flour, a little sugar if you're aiming for sweet waffles, and some milk.

Top your waffles off with creative toppings such as bananas, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, chopped strawberries and basil, bacon and maple syrup, or grilled cheese and ham.


  1. Amazing shaped cakes.


When we think of baking, very often our minds jump straight to fluffy cakes, dusted with powdered sugar and filled with jelly or sweet cream.

This heart shaped cake mold is perfect for teaching kids to bake cakes.

Not only does it have a cool shape, but it also make it very easy to remove the cake from the mold once it's cooked (unlike the struggles one can have with a traditional metallic baking tin).

Try making one batch of brown chocolate batter and a second batch of white vanilla batter and then swirling them very gently together to make a marble cake – this is such an easy way to make something unusual and spectacular and your kids are sure to love it.

This activity is also a good opportunity to teach your kids about numbers and proportions as you weigh your cake ingredients and mix them together in the right order.


  1. Fun jello molds


Here is another idea that is great for parties: jello in all different colors.

A jello mold can be filled with fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruits and raspberries to give your kids or more two portions of fruit in one serving whilst creating an explosion of color.

How about trying these jello molds, for instance?

With a little care, you can create building blocks of jello that fit together to create a little castle. Or, use the smaller gummy person molds to make your own gummy candies or just to create ice cubes filled with frozen fruit juice or frozen water and small fruit pieces to add to your kids' party drinks.

The larger person sized mold is great for filling with molten chocolate, cooling in the refrigerator and then decorating to create a fun and unique chocolate figure!

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