5 Creative Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

As temperatures soar, our thoughts turn to partying with friends and loved ones and generally making the most of the delectably hot weather.

Here are 5 creative summer party ideas that will delight your party guests as you serve them up a cooling, refreshing treat.

1. Turn fruit into a healthy froyo style treat with our frozen fruit dessert maker

This machine turns frozen fruits into colorful 'ice cream' with the utmost ease. All that you need to do is to peel and chop your fruit, freeze it thoroughly and then process it through the machine.

Create a beautiful array of desserts with a variety of fruits for a summer party spectactular: you can make a rainbow with bananas, red berries, blueberries and more!

One frozen fruit that makes great ice cream, but sounds a little counter intuitive, is the avocado pear.

Trust us! Avocado ice cream tastes great with some hot chocolate sauce drizzled over it, and some chopped nuts sprinkled on top.

Moreover, a single cup of avocado has great health benefits, including 24% of your daily intake of vitamin C and more potassium than a banana.

Display your frozen fruit desserts in our rainbow bowls and provide your guests with a variety of toppings including chocolate and fruit sauces, spoonfuls of passion fruit pulp, more chopped fruit, nuts, candies, and chocolate sprinkles.

2. Keep everyone refreshed during a pool party with a floating cup holder

There's nothing better than applying some sunscreen and lounging in your swimming pool (or a friend's) with a good book or some music. Now, you can stay cool and hydrated in style with our cute unicorn cup holder.

This fun little accessory floats stably on any body of water and you can position some pretty big cups or flasks in it (it measures 20 cm by 30 cm) to ensure that you get maximum lounging time.

As it's inflatable, you can pop it into your purse whenever you head to the nearby pool! You can also use it to hold your sunscreen bottle, your mini waterproof stereo, or a tub of frozen strawberries or other ice cold snacks.

And, it will definitely turn heads thanks to its unique unicorn design – it also makes a great gift for the unicorns in your life.

3. Serve drinks in shot glasses made of ice

Our icy shot glass molds are so fun to drink from. Fill them with simple water and freeze them to create a shot glass perfectly sculpted from ice.

Fill your frozen shot glasses with a shot of spirits or a short cocktail and you're ready to go!

They are perfect for adding a chilly thrill to any social occasion and they last surprisingly long though you will have to drink them up pretty quickly before they melt.

You can also use these molds to make frozen fruit juice glasses, or to freeze chocolate to make a chocolate glass that you can fill with chocolate sauce, fruit puree, or cream.

You can also leave these shot glasses floating in a punch bowl like regular ice cubes and encourage your guests to grab one and use it to take a shot of punch – no need for cups. However you use them, we encourage you to get creative!

4. Keep your drinks cold, 007 style

These ice stones look just like bullets dropped into a glass. Even better, they do not need to be frozen, simply refrigerated for around 2 hours. The key advantage of using them is that they do not dilute your drink as they melt in the same way that actual cubes of ice do.

You can enjoy that robust spirit flavor right down to the last sip of your martini or glass of whiskey. They definitely make a very stylish addition to any party.

5. No more warm beer with a beer cooler stick

Isn't it annoying when you are enjoying a beer out in the sun and your drink quickly starts to get warm? With this stainless steel beer cooler stick you will never have that problem again.

Simply chill the stick in your refrigerator for 45 minutes then plunge it into your beer bottle as you sit outside (it fits all standard bottles). The stick will keep your beer refreshingly cold right down to the very last mouthful.

Great for BBQs, picnics (keep it in a cooler bag as you hike to your picnic location) and any occasion when you want to enjoy both warm weather and a cool beer all at once.

The uses of this cooling gadget are not limited to beer, though: you can also use it with juice, bottles of soda, and bottled salad dressings during summer meals outdoors.

Summer is most certainly the season for entertaining: seeing old friends from back home, visiting family, and catching up with school friends during the long break.

So get ready to enjoy the sun, and let us help you to make your summer parties even more memorable than ever this year! Invite some guests round from brightly colored fruit desserts, sip ice cold beers for

hours on end, and lounge in the pool with a delicious long drink all afternoon with these fun, simple, and highly creative ways to stay cool in the hot weather.



  • I bought the frozen dessert maker and it was suppose to come with a recipe book which I never received! The recipe book was suppose to be in the box. How do I get it?

    Cheryl Holmberg
  • They all sound wounderful but where I am at the moment in Tasmania that’s the little island under Australia it is very cold 1deg at night and 7deg in the day very cold don’t need cold food lol

    Annette Dac

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